As you get older, you should consider the possibility that you will need some sort of specialized care. The costs associated with nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and in-home care are constantly rising. Did you know the monthly cost for nursing home care can top $6,000?

If you end up needing this type of long term health care, it could threaten your estate and the retirement plan you worked so hard to build. That’s why many people opt for long term care insurance. Long term care insurance helps pay some of the costs, which is important since Medicare doesn’t pay for long-term care and your estate will need to be depleted before Medicaid begins to pay.

What Types of Plans are Available?

Many types of long term care plans are available, and a qualified insurance agent is the best person to discuss your options. Contact Patrick Crowder Insurance today to discuss your needs and find an affordable insurance policy that will protect your estate in the event you need long term care.